We are the Illinois Conservation Police Lodge #146, and we represent your state’s Conservation Police Officers (C.P.Os). Our members are sometimes referred to as Game Wardens and we are the primary police agency for the enforcement of laws governing the State’s hunting, fishing, boating, snowmobiling, state park protection as well a multitude of other duties including those of a “normal” police officer. We are fully certified police officers with State wide authority to enforce laws. We serve all of Illinois’ 102 counties accomplishing much of our work in remote parts of this State without nearby police assistance.

We are contacting our business partners in an effort to better support the communities we serve. Any donation you could provide will be greatly appreciated and go towards our common goal of enriching the lives of people in our communities.

The Illinois Conservation Police Lodge uses these donations to support our mission of promoting the lawful use of the outdoors, youth education, wildlife conservation, and helping others in need. To date, we have given time and money to help organizations such as Hunt of a Lifetime, Ducks Unlimited, and numerous local clubs requesting assistance for fishing derbies, youth hunts, and outdoor education. Your donation will help us make a difference in people’s lives.

Thank you for supporting the Illinois Conservation Police and the natural resources they protect.